DOs/DON'Ts in Speaking (No. 8)

بخش دوم Speaking

این قسمت بايد يک الي دو دقيقه زمان بگيرد. در پايان، ممتحن ممکن است از شما سوال اضافه ای بپرسد. مهمترین مسئله در اين قسمت، رعایت همین دو دقیقه و تنظیم زمان برای تمام کردن داستان است. پيشنهاد من اين است که در منزل با استفاده از يک ساعت تمرين کنيد. صداي خود را هنگامي که در مورد موضوعات مختلف صحبت مي کنيد، ضبط کنيد. بدين طريق شما ميتوانيد بدون کمک ديگران، جواب خودتان را مورد ارزيابي قرار دهيد. به مثال و پاسخی که آورده شده است دقت کنيد تا متوجه شويد چه نوع Speakingی بايد ارائه دهيد:

نمونه Cue Card
نمره تخمین زده شده : 7.5

Describe a meal you would like to invite your friends to.
You should say:
- who you would invite
- where you would eat this meal
- what you would eat
and explain why you would choose to eat this food.

(Ok, you have a maximum of 2 minutes to speak so if you go over 2 minutes, I will ask you to stop.  Can you please begin speaking now?)


I would like to invite my friends to a hot pot meal.

I would invite my closest friends, the ones that I hang out with and have the most in common with. I would of course invite my girlfriend so that she could meet my friends. That is important to me. I think my girlfriend should know what I
am like when I am with my friends.

I would find a nice restaurant with a good atmosphere where the waiters are friendly and the owners are working to give you the best experience you can have. I would not choose a big monstrous place where everything would seem so impersonal, but instead a restaurant with a friendly ambience.

I would order hot pot with lots of meat, lamb, pork, beef, and fish. Mmm I am getting hungry just thinking about it. I would also order some nice vegetables and noodles, and to top it off, some ice cold beer to wash it down.

I really like hot pot because of the atmosphere it creates of everyone eating together and pulling things from the pot and dipping it in their favourite sauce, just relaxing and enjoying the food and the friendship.


تمرين!   تمرين!   تمرين!

در اينجا نمونه هاي از کارتهاي سوال براي تمرين کردن شما آورده ام. يک کارت انتخاب کنيد، 1 دقيقه در مورد آن فکر کنيد و آمادگي پيدا کنيد. نکاتي که مي خواهيد در موردش صحبت کنيد را روي کاغذ يادداشت کنيد تا روند صحبت تان را کنترل کنید.

لطفا ، لطفا ، لطفا از کلماتي که معني شان را نمي دانيد استفاده نکنيد.

همچنين از جملات پيچيده اي که باعث شوند در لغات آن گم شويد، استفاده نکنيد. سعي کنيد ساده صحبت کنيد و طوري که مورد توجه قرار گيرد.


1. Describe a book that has had a major influence on you. You should include in your answer:
- What is the name of that book and who is the author
- How you first heard of it
- What is that book about
- Why it played such an important role in your life

2. Describe your favorite restaurant. You should include in your answer:
- Where it is located in city
- What does it look like inside and outside
- What kind of food is served there
- What makes this restaurant so special to you and others

3. Describe a museum you visited. You should say:
- Where this museum is situated?
- Why people visit the museum?
- What it looked like?
- Why you liked this museum?

4. Describe a conflict at work you once had you should mention:
- The nature of the conflict
- Why the conflict occurred
- What you felt at the time of the conflict
- What you had to do to resolve it