DOs/DON'Ts in Speaking (No. 12)

بازم ایده .... و کلمات مرتبط به موضوع :

یکی از سوالات مرسوم در امتحان آیلتس، موضوع مربوط به Music و Instruments you Play بوده که برای پاسخگویی به این نوع سوالات اولین مسئله استفاده از Phrase های مرتبط به موضوع و همچنین استفاده از گرامر جهت نشان دادن قابلیت خود در این بخش می باشد.
به مثالها توجه کنید :


Examiner: What kind of music do you listen to?
⭕️ Candidate: I’m a big fan of classical music … it doesn’t make me very popular with my children … their taste in music is completely different … they always want to listen to their favorite rock bands …

⭕️ Examiner: Have you got any hobbies or interests?
⭕️ Candidate: I’m really into live music … I go to a lot of music festivals … I think a live performance always sounds more exciting than a recorded version … as long as the performers can sing and play well of course

و همچنین در بخش دوم Speaking که باید درباره این موضوع صحبت کنید، یه سری Phrase های بدردبخور جهت نشان دادن Lexical Resources (مقدار دانش در استفاده از کلمات)  در مثال زیر آورده شده است:

Describe a song you like to listen to. You should say

•  what the piece of music is called
•  how long you have liked it
•  when you like to listen to it
and say why you like it so much.

Candidate:  Well … I’m a little older than most students and when I was young Abba the Swedish pop group were very famous … I don’t think it was cool to like them even though they had a huge following but I think now people have realised what wonderful songs they wrote … one piece of music in particular  is called ‘Slipping through my fingers’ … it wasn’t a massive hit but I love it … it’s a song for parents and it’s all about how quickly our children grow up … it’s a slow number and like a lot of their songs it’s a very catchy tune … the two women in Abba had great voices and it’s the kind of music you can also sing along to easily … even if you don’t have a great voice … I listen to Abba when I feel like a sing-song … and I especially like to listen when I’m doing the housework … it stops me thinking about the hard work …


  • adoring fans: people who love a particular band or singer
  • a catchy tune: a song that is easy to remember and makes you want to sing it
  • classical music: music that is regarded as part of a long, formal tradition
  • to have a great voice: to sing well
  • a huge following: a large number of fans
  • Live music: music that is listened to while it is performed (not recorded)
  • a massive hit: a record that sells lots of copies
  • a music festival: music performances at a venue often over several days
  • musical talent: skilled at music
  • to be/sing out of tune: to not be in harmony/to sing the wrong notes
  • a piece of music: an item of music
  • a pop group: a small group of people who play or sing pop music together
  • a rock band: a group of musicians that play rock music
  • to sing along to: to join in singing
  • a sing-song: to sing informally, often with other people
  • a slow number: a song with a slow tempo
  • to take up a musical instrument: to begin learning a musical instrument
  • taste in music: the music someone likes
  • to be tone deaf: to be unable to distinguish the different notes in music