DOs/DON'Ts in Speaking (No. 11)

دنبال پیدا کردن ایده اید؟!  
نمیدونین چی بگید؟

وقتي ايده اي مطرح مي شود، چگونه آماده مي شويد؟ شما بايد ایده های گوناگوني در مورد موضوعات مختلف داشته باشيد. من در اينجا يکسري موضوعات عمومي مهم را براي شما آورده ام تا در مورد آنها فکر کنيد. آنها را مطالعه کنيد و فکر کنيد در مورد هر يک از آنها چه چيزي خواهيد گفت و از چه کلماتي استفاده خواهيد کرد. سپس صداي خود را در حالتي که مشغول گفتن چندين جمله براي هر يک از اين موضوعات هستيد، ذخيره کنيد و به آن گوش دهيد تا ببينيد چه چيزي از آب در آمده است! فکر کنيد چطور مي توانيد آن را بهتر کنيد؟ اين کار باعث خواهد شد که براي بحث آماده تر باشيد.

اینم بهترین تمرین برای آماده سازی خودتون که دیگه دنبال Sample دیگران نگردید، چون خواندن و حفظ کردن نمونه های دیگران باعث اضطراب بیشتر خواهد شد...

General topics


  • Main industry in your country now, how it will develop in the future
  • Pollution affecting ecology
  • Popular transportation in your country
  • How to have better public transport
  • How has your country been improved
  • City you are living in: its advantages and disadvantages
  • Your country's weather
  • Your country's animals, in what ways are they used.
  • Piece of equipment that you consider very important, why, how did you start to use it
  • Computers - their advantages and disadvantages, whether people of different sexes and ages use them more or less
  • Food in restaurants, why and when we eat there, what are pros and cons of eating in a restaurant
  • Celebrities in your country
  • Idols - who chooses them, why copy them, etc.
  • Favorite holiday in your country
  • To do Household
  • Where do you like to shop and when
  • What do you shop for

About yourself


  • How do you like spending your time
  • Favorite movies(films), do you watch them on TV or in cinema Would you like to act in movies? Why not?
  • Where do you like to spend your vacation
  • Study or work, where, what do you like most about your job, what do you dislike about your job
  • Your future plans
  • Your hobbies
  • Do you think free time is important and why
  •  What did you study at university
  •  Which subject is your favorite one
  •  Which subject you dont like
  • What do you want to do in the future
  •  Your favorite food
  •  Greatest success in your life
  •  Design of your apartment, like, dislike, why
  •  What room do you like most, what you do there most, what it looks like
  •  Your favorite sportsmen
  •  Favorite TV program
  •  Most interesting time in your life


 Things that were important in your life


  •  Song
  •  Book - what about, how did it influence you
  •  Doll or some other toy, who gave it to you, on what occasion, what did you do with it




  •  Who is your best friend
  •  Where and when did you meet
  •  What do you like the best about him/her
  •  What have you done together? Explain the reasons of your good friendship
  •  What do the children think about friendship? What about the adults? Compare them
  •  Who cannot be a good friend of yours? Tell the properties of such a person
  •  What do you value and not value in people
  •  Friendship through internet, good and bad sides



  •  How can a visitor travel in my country
  •  How did my grandparents travel in the past
  •  Will the travel method change in the future
  •  Traveling in group compared single traveling
  •  What kinds of holidays exist
  •  Where people prefer to go on vacation
  •  Applications that have positive effect on growth of tourism

Toys / Games


  •  Why boys and girls chose different toys
  •  Why toys are good for kids
  •  Negative influence of toys, educational side of toys



  •  What kind of music do you like,
  •  Why should we teach music to our kids


پس کلی روی این موضوعات تمرین کنید و مطمئن شوید که به بهترین ایده ها خواهید رسیده اید...